Our Strengths

We are the global leader in maritime LPG. Our key strengths differentiate us from others and enable us to operate across the value chain.

Flexible and Reliable Service

Having the world's largest fleet of LPG carriers gives us the capacity and flexibility to offer timely and reliable services anywhere in the world. Our vessels operate globally to cover all markets. Our scale, combined with our competence and experience, enables us to manage the logistics of Contracts of Affreightment (CoAs).

Strong Brand and Customer Relations

With more than 80 years in energy transportation and over 35 years in LPG transportation, BW has a long-standing reputation as a leading provider of safe, reliable, and efficient LPG transportation solutions. This reputation provides an important advantage in building and maintaining strong relationships with leading oil and gas companies, and is reflected in the Group’s existing customer base in LPG.    

Decades of Operating Experience

Our staff on shore and at sea are critical to the efficient, safe and reliable operation of our vessels. We have a large pool of experienced employees with extensive industry experience, and many are long-serving members of BW. Access to experienced officers and crew, including extensive time in-company and time in-industry, is a major competitive advantage in a market where charterers not only value but require significant experience among senior crew.