BW LPG at the 28th World LPG Forum

Click here for BW LPG's presentation slides at the WLPG Forum

The 28th annual World LPG Forum was held in Singapore from 28th September to 2nd October. The World LPG forum is organised annually by the World LPG Association (WLPGA), the authoritative voice of the global LPG industry. Established in 1987, WLPGA aims to add value by driving demand for LPG and helping both public and private companies to partner with international organisations and implement LPG projects on a local and global scale. 

The World LPG Forum's Singapore debut is reflective of Singapore’s important role as a business and shipping hub in Asia. It also demonstrates the importance Singapore now places on the gas industry and of the rising portion of economic growth that has been coming from Asia. 

The forum’s theme, “Expanding Horizons” was especially relevant given emerging opportunities within the LPG market against the backdrop of various global developments such as energy price fluctuations, developments within the Chinese economy and geopolitical considerations. 

BW LPG was one of the main participants in this forum which saw significant attendance by participants across the entire LPG value chain. BW LPG CEO Martin Ackermann "Deciphered the Upstream" together with a panel of industry practitioners and discussed the impact of the recent growth in LPG on shipping, trade routes, LPG exports and LPG prices for players in the upstream and in other parts of the value chain. 

The forum provided an excellent platform for developing relationships within the industry and for updating knowledge on latest trends and developments within the LPG industry. The forum also featured insights from the retail and petrochemical parts of the value chain which were of significant interest to many who attended. 

"The World LPG Association does outstanding work in promoting and reinforcing LPG as an exceptional source of energy with its programmes such as Cooking for Life. As the world's leading and largest owner and operator of VLGCs, we are committed to delivering high quality, sustainable LPG solutions and this forum was an opportunity to decipher the surge in growth opportunities and major trends within the industry thus making it an insightful event for market participants across the entire value chain.”