Shares and Dividend

General information about the shares

Type of legal entity

Limited liability company 



Number of shares issues


Number of shares held by Group Companies

Parent company, BW Group Limited,

Class of shares

Single class shares with voting rights

Shares listed on

Oslo Bors;

Depository receipt arrangement


BW LPG is not listed on any other stock exchange other than the Oslo Bors.

Dividend Information

Type of Dividend

Annual 2014

Interim 2015


USD 152.8 million

USD 103.7 million

Amount per share

USD 1.15

USD 0.78

Date of declaration/ recommendation

27 February, 2015

28 August, 2015

Approval by shareholders, if applicable

19 May, 2015



From 20 May 2015

From 31 August 2015

Record date

21 May, 2015

1 September, 2015

Dividend payment date

29 May, 2015

14 September, 2015

Q2 2016 Dividend FX Rate Information

Dividend period USD NOK
H1 2016 0.09 0.7382


Primary Insiders and Trading

The list of primary insider is available here.

The list of trades by primary insiders is available here