Corporate Social Responsibility

BW LPG is committed to ethical, safe and sustainable value-creation for our shareholders, lenders, customers, employees and other stakeholders, and applies this philosophy in considering our impact on the local communities in which we operate. We conduct and grow our business while continually assessing and managing the risk and impact of our operations in this context. 

Corporate Social Responsibility is integral to all that we do and as such, elements of our commitments in this regard are captured in our Corporate Mission, objectives and Values, our Code of Conduct and our key operating policies such as our policies on health and safety, security, energy management, and anti-bribery.

Health and Safety

BW LPG’s policy on health and safety states that “Safety is at the top of our agenda and we strive for Zero harm”. We ensure that the sanctity of life takes precedence over all other considerations. Safety of our people and our vessels will always be a priority in any decision. We actively promote health and safety consciousness through awareness training and high visibility of health and safety as a business priority.


BW LPG is committed to maintaining high standards of integrity and to conducting our business in an honest, fair and transparent manner. Our commitment to integrity is enshrined in our Code of Conduct, with which employees are familiarised on employment and at least annually thereafter. A policy on anti-bribery is in place and has been deployed across the organisation, with systems in place for periodic training to ensure solid comprehension and implementation.‚Äč

Employee Rights and Diversity

BW LPG does not discriminate on the basis of gender, religious belief or practice, race, national or ethnic origin, cultural background, social group, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, age or political inclination. As a business with global operations, we value diversity and work to actively stimulate an environment where differences are both respected and appreciated. Just as we respect the rights of our employees, BW LPG respects human rights in all aspects of our business, and avoids impinging upon the human rights of those impacted by our operations.


BW LPG strives to leave the communities in which we operate free from negative impact of our operations through organisational and individual commitment, we seek to ensure Zero harm to people, the environment, cargoes and vessels.

Beyond avoiding destructive impact on the environment, we invest in analysis and implement energy efficient solutions to avoid waste, and participate in an ongoing programme of assessment of effective energy management which involves both internal and external benchmarking to assist us to continually strive for leadership in efficient usage of energy. Energy management is an integral part of our company culture and a part of our daily work and way of thinking.

In order to ensure that these principles are upheld BW LPG believes that it is important to:

  • Communicate our principles with shareholders, monitoring performance internally and seeking external verification of effectiveness
  • Monitor the social and environmental impact of our operations, paying particular attention to indications that these principles have not been or are not being upheld
  • Designate persons within our organisation with specific responsibility for promoting and monitoring these various principles
  • Maintain appropriate dialogues to obtain feedback from relevant authorities in the communities within which we operate
  • Strive to be a net positive contributor of value to those communities impacted by our operations
Corporate Social Responsibility