At BW LPG, we take pride in the quality of our vessels, and ensure that we maintain them to a high standard.  We believe that a mark of quality is optimized vessel performance, and actions both large and small are taken to improve the way energy is consumed.  From speed optimization, weather routing, auto-pilot, hull management and trim and draft optimization, everything comes under constant scrutiny.

Quality, efficient vessels require sustained, committed efforts to put energy management theory into practice.  At BW LPG, this is not just a technical initiative but one which involves the expertise of our seafarers as well as commercial and operations departments. This long term initiative will allow us to establish required knowledge, procedures and routines to ensure that continuous optimization of energy management becomes a part of our daily work and way of thinking.

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Quality Policy

We will meet the needs of our customers by applying our core values in everything we do in order to achieve our quality objectives. The key objectives are to:

  • Identify and conform to the needs of customers and meet all relevant legal and regulatory requirements
  • Identify areas of substandard performance, take steps to implement remedial action
  • Ensure all staff know and understand their roles so that we can do things once, do them right and continually improve the management processes