28 January 2014

Clarification - TradeWinds article of 24 Jan 2014

(Singapore, 28 January 2014)

BW LPG refer to an article appearing in the TradeWinds newspaper of 24 January 2014. BW LPG wishes to calrify that the sale of the BW Hermes referred to therein is a sale of the vessel by the BW Group. BW LPG had commited the vessel for sale to the BW Group upon expiry of voyage comitments to Yara within 2013, at a price net of transactions costs equal to the carrying value of the asset in the 31 August 2013 balance sheet of BW LPG, as had been disclosed in its IPO prospectus in various sections, viz. Section 8.1 Business Overview, Section 1.1 Operating and Financial Overview and Section 15 The Reoranisation (clause 15.1 (iv)). The delivery of the vessel to the BW Group was concluded on 26 December 2013 in accordance with these diclosures.

For further information, please contact:

Vijay Kamath
Chief Financial Officer
BW LPG Limited
Tel: +65 6705 5506
Email: vijay.kamath@bwlpg.com

Nicholas Gleeson
Chief Executive Officer
BW LPG Limited
Tel: +65 6705 5500
Email: nicholas.gleeson@bwlpg.com


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