30 August 2019

Mandatory notification of trade

(Singapore, 29 August 2019)

Reference is made to BW Group Limited's announcement on 3 September 2014 regarding its placement of US$250 million senior secured exchangeable bonds due 2019 (http://www.bw-group.com/news/press-releases/placement-and-pricing-of-usd-250-million-exchangeable-bonds-due-2019-exchangeable-into-common-shares-of-bw-lpg).

A bondholder has exercised its right to exchange US$200,000 notional amount of exchangeable bonds into BW LPG Limited common shares. Based on the applicable exchange price under the loan agreement for the convertible bond of US$11.0992 per common share, the exchangeable bonds were exchanged into 18,019 BW LPG Limited common shares. Following the transfer, BW Group Limited holds 67,575,207 shares (47.61%) in BW LPG Limited. BW Group Limited is represented on the Board of Directors of BW LPG Limited.

For further information, please contact:

Elaine Ong, CPA, CA

Chief Financial Officer

BW LPG Limited

Tel: +65 6705 5506

E-mail: elaine.ong@bwlpg.com

Iver Baatvik

Head of Investor Relations

BW LPG Limited

Tel: +65 6705 5519

E-mail: iver.baatvik@bwlpg.com