Top 20 Shareholders

As at 29 August 2023

No. of Shares% of Shares IssuedName
156,807,12640.58BW Group Limited
3 8,926,105*6.38*BW LPG Limited
4 4,058,192 2.90JPMorgan Chase Bank
5 3,335,6252.38State Street Bank and Trust Comp A/C Client Omnibus F
62,192,6991.57The Bank of New York Mellon
71,713,1271.22Citibank, N.A.
81,689,8601.21Nordnet Bank AB
91,603,6381.15Clearstream Banking S.A.
101,561,3701.12JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., London
111,362,4200.97State Street Bank and Trust Comp A/C Client Fund Number OM80
121,343,5080.96Verdipapirfondet Alfred Berg Gamba
131,233,3100.88State Street Bank and Trust Comp A/C West Non-Treaty
141,144,8580.82J.P. Morgan Securities Plc
151,103,0520.79UBS Switzerland AG
161,031,0410.74The Bank of New York Mellon
17882,9720.63The Bank of New York Mellon SA/NV
18876,6530.63The Northern Trust Comp
19824,2810.59BNP Paribas
20816,8540.58Verdipapirfondet KLP Aksjenorge IN

*Treasury Shares

BW LPG does not, on a regular basis, publish a list of beneficial owners based on the list of the 20 largest shareholders. Information on the identity of beneficial owners is not easily obtained, but the Company may in due course endeavour to publish this list, while considering applicable laws and regulations.