At BW LPG, every vessel that we own or operate is of a high technical standard. We use our experience to furnish new vessels with the most reliable equipment available at the time of building, maintain them continuously and, when required, upgrade them to keep them competitive in the market.

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NameOwnership TypeBuiltCBM 100%GAS Form-C
Berge NantongChartered VLGCs200682,244Berge Nantong
Berge NingboChartered VLGCs200682,252Berge Ningbo
BW AustriaOwned VLGCs200984,603BW Austria
BW BirchVLGCs in BW Global United LPG India Private Limited200782,303BW Birch
BW BrageOwned VLGCs201684,114BW Brage
BW CedarVLGCs in BW Global United LPG India Private Limited200782,260BW Cedar
BW ElmVLGCs in BW Global United LPG India Private Limited200782,291BW Elm
BW FreyjaOwned VLGCs201684,143BW Freyja
BW FriggOwned VLGCs201684,136BW Frigg
BW KizokuChartered VLGCs201983,325BW Kizoku
BW KyotoChartered VLGCs201083,299BW Kyoto
BW LibertyOwned VLGCs200784,597BW Liberty
BW LordOwned VLGCs200884,615BW Lord
BW LoyaltyOwned VLGCs200884,601BW Loyalty
BW MagellanOwned VLGCs201684,171BW Magellan
BW MalaccaOwned VLGCs201684,105BW Malacca
BW MessinaChartered VLGCs201784,177BW Messina
BW NiigataOwned VLGCs201078,908BW Niigata
BW NjordOwned VLGCs201684,107BW Njord
BW OakOwned VLGCs200882,253BW Oak
BW OdinOwned VLGCs200982,446BW Odin
BW PrinceOwned VLGCs200782,383BW Prince
BW PrincessOwned VLGCs200882,383BW Princess
BW SakuraOwned VLGCs201078,901BW Sakura
BW ThorOwned VLGCs200882,197BW Thor
BW TokyoChartered VLGCs200983,271BW Tokyo
BW TraderOwned VLGCs200678,631BW Trader
BW TucanaOwned VLGCs201684,113BW Tucana
BW TyrOwned VLGCs200882,303BW Tyr
BW VarOwned VLGCs201683,839BW Var
BW VolansOwned VLGCs201684,134BW Volans
BW YushiChartered VLGCs202083,315BW Yushi
BW AriesOwned VLGCs201484,196BW Aries
BW BalderOwned VLGCs201784.142BW Balder
BW CarinaOwned VLGCs201584,154BW Carina
BW GeminiOwned VLGCs201584,134BW Gemini
BW LeoOwned VLGCs201584,195BW Leo
BW LibraOwned VLGCs201584,196BW Libra
BW MindoroOwned VLGCs201784,180BW Mindoro
BW OrionOwned VLGCs201584,196BW Orion
BW PineVLGCs in BW Global United LPG India Private Limited201180,156BW Pine
Oriental KingChartered VLGCs201784,099Oriental King