As the world’s largest owner and operator of VLGCs, BW LPG leverages on our scale and deep expertise in maritime shipping to invest in R&D and implement pioneering technology onboard that will push our industry towards decarbonization - technology that can be implemented on at least 50 percent of current global VLGC fleet without the need for dedicated newbuilding orders. This is our commitment to sustainable development, which we pursue while keeping our focus on safe and reliable operations, so that we can continue to provide industry-leading customer service and generate better returns for our shareholders.

Charting Our Progress

Works begin on BW Gemini and BW Leo, the first two of twelve VLGCs committed for retrofitting with pioneering LPG dual-fuel propulsion engines.

Martin Ackermann
Assembling the Team
A team of representatives from BW LPG, yard, Class and engine manufacturers meet at Yiu Lian dockyard in Shenzhen, China.

BW Gemini and her team, led by Stig Solheim, is at Yiu Lian shipyard in China. The team has taken a picture to capture a special moment for all of us at BW LPG - the start of pioneering work to retrofit a vessel with an LPG dual-fuel propulsion engine. When complete, BW Gemini will be the world's first vessel with this technology onboard.

Not captured in this picture are countless hours of hard work by colleagues and business partners in research and trials, sacrifices made to travel amidst a pandemic, and the conviction that this is an important step towards decarbonization of the shipping industry. And of course, broad smiles behind the masks. We are staying safe while advancing technology!

Source: BW LPG, 7 August 2020

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Martin Ackermann
Transporting Deck Tanks
Transporting four 900 cbm deck tanks to Yiu Lian shipyard, where BW Gemini and BW Leo will be retrofitted with pioneering LPG dual-fuel propulsion engines.

A little closer to a milestone! Here is a picture of BW Gemini’s deck tank for our pioneering LPG dual-fuel engine retrofitting project. The picture was taken as it was being lifted and secured to the transport barge.

When installed, these tanks will be used to store LPG - to propel not just BW Gemini, but also our efforts to be an even more environmentally friendly and efficient fleet.

Picture courtesy of Altus Norway, August 2020

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Martin Ackermann
Installing Deck Tanks

Deck tanks for BW Gemini were successfully installed over two days in early September.

Deck tanks for BW Gemini were successfully installed over two days in early September.

These 900cbm tanks weigh 89 tons each, and measure 35m in length and 6m in diameter. Made of low temperature steel with a thick insulation material all around, these tanks will store LPG which will be used to power the world’s first LPG dual-fuel propulsion engine.

Source: BW LPG, 3 September 2020

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Martin Ackermann
A group picture before undocking VLGC BW Gemini, safely and on schedule.

Another great day at Yiu Lian dockyard! A group picture before undocking VLGC BW Gemini, safely and on schedule. She is spotting a fresh coat of paint, and pioneering technology onboard! Next up, commissioning and gas trials.

Source: BW LPG, 14 September 2020

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Martin Ackermann
BW Leo arrives
Welcoming BW Leo to Yiulian Dockyard, the second of 12 VLGCs committed for retrofitting.

Powering along swiftly and safely! Our site team (including Stig Normund Solheim, Arne Sharma MSc., and Alan Delanoë) welcomes Very Large Gas Carrier BW Leo at Yiulian dockyard. BW Leo is the second of twelve VLGCs which will be retrofitted with pioneering LPG dual-fuel propulsion engines.

Source: BW LPG, 24 September 2020

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Martin Ackermann
Completion of Sea & Gas Trials
Celebrating the successful completion of gas and sea trials for BW Gemini.

Here is a picture of the crew and team onboard BW Gemini, commemorating the successful completion of sea and gas trials.

BW Gemini is officially the first Very Large gas Carrier to be powered by LPG!

Picture from BW Gemini, 4 November 2020

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Crossing the Pacific Ocean on LPG Propulsion - 17 November 2020

Catching up with Captain Vinay Khanna and the crew onboard BW Gemini as they make a historic crossing of the Pacific Ocean on LPG propulsion.



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