Increasing Access to Cleaner Burning Energy

LPG is an economical and cleaner source of fuel which has a much lower carbon footprint than coal and oil. BW LPG is proud to be a leading maritime transporter of LPG that delivers and increases access to LPG across the globe.


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EgyptBW LPG is proud to be a key partner in increasing access to LPG in Egypt by participating in the commissioning of the Sonker Bulk Liquids Terminal. LPG is a key fuel in Egypt with 75% of households using LPG as the main source of fuel for cooking and heating. Egypt currently relies on LPG imports to meet over 50% of domestic demand. To ensure that infrastructure grows alongside demand for petroleum products within the country, the Sonker Bulk Liquids Terminal was built at a cost of over US$ 600 million to receive imported petroleum products and re-deliver them to national distribution pipeline networks.

Approximately three billion people across the developing world continue to rely on traditional solid fuels for cooking. This exposure to indoor air pollution has been tied to 4.3 million premature deaths annually. In India alone, indoor pollution from cooking with biomass is estimated to cause about 1.1 million deaths per year1 . Switching to LPG as a cleaner fuel, which is well-suited for domestic cooking, has the potential to improve the lives of these at-risk populations while providing additional economic and environmental benefits¹. 


Supported by the government’s push to increase LPG consumption in India, BW LPG is helping India increase its access to LPG by doubling the number of vessels in our fleet delivering LPG into India, with plans for further expansion. Our joint venture in India is now the largest owner and operator of VLGCs in India. As we bring LPG to uplift communities in India, we also generate sustainable economic value for our shareholders in the world’s second largest LPG consumer in the world.


1: World LPG Association

3SingaporeIn a year where there was financial hardship from furlough, retrenchments and closed businesses, we reached out to our local community to provide support. In Singapore, we worked with local fuel products provider Union Gas Holdings Limited, and grassroots organisation People’s Association, to sponsor 1,600 low-income families who rely on government assistance and charities for sustenance, with LPG cylinders for cooking, with the aspiration to uplift these families one cooked meal at a time. BW LPG received positive feedback from the community on this engagement.

Caring for Our Communities

BW LPG recognises that it is crucial to extend care to the broader community to foster cohesiveness, especially in times as challenging as these.

In Norway, we joined in the NRK Telethon, the largest information campaign and fundraising event in Norway. Every year, this nationwide charity campaign raises funds for a chosen cause. This year, the NRK partnered with WWF to combat plastic pollution in the oceans. BW LPG matched employees’ donations.

In Singapore where we are headquartered, we collaborated with affiliates of BW Group to launch two employee-led initiatives – ‘Appreciation Lunch for Healthcare Workers’ and ‘Migrant Worker Care Packages’.

In the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak when healthcare staff and hospitals were facing growing pressures, our colleagues in Singapore cheered these frontline healthcare workers on by sponsoring approximately 19,500 lunch sets at major hospitals in Singapore. A local vendor was engaged to provide the lunch sets to support local businesses.

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We also worked with ‘Migrant Matters’, a Singapore non-governmental and nonprofit organisation to provide basic care packages with daily necessities to more than 5,000 migrant workers in Singapore who were placed in quarantine facilities.

Social Performance Dashboard

Sustainability Priority

Community Engagement

Health & Safety

Employee Relations

Diversity & Inclusion

2020 Targets

Continue to participate
in WLPGA initiatives


Explore partnership
opportunities to bring
LPG to communities


0 fatalities at sea and
onshore while at work


Lost Time Injury Rate
(LTIR) ≤ 0.5


Total Recordable Case
Frequency ≤ 1.5


Launch Visible
Leadership Program
to strengthen safety


Develop Behavior
based safety system
and onboard training


of revised Risk
Assessment process


≤ 10% attrition rate


Continue promoting
from within


Conduct Pulse Survey


Conduct > 3 employee
engagement events


Launch training


Participate in ≥ 1
university event

reinforcement of Vision and Values


All new hires to attend
a Vision and Values
workshop within their
first year


≤ 3 days to respond
to discrimination
complaints /
concerns raised


2020 Progress

Increased access to
LPG by commissioning
of terminal in India and
increasing number of
vessels carrying LPG
into India


Sponsored 1600 LPG
cylinders to low income
families in Singapore

0 fatalities at sea and
onshore while at work


Lost Time Injury Rate
(LTIR) - 0.14


Total Recordable Case
Frequency (TRCF) -


All trainings and
programs completed


Behavior based Safety
System developed


Revised Risk
Assessment process

Undesired attrition rate
at 4%


13 internal promotions


completed Pulse
Survey with largely
satisfactory ratings


19 employee
engagement events


Cancellation of
university event due to
COVID-19 restrictions

reinforcement of
Vision and Values with
employees through
engagement events


Cancellation of Vision
and Values workshop
due to COVID-19
restrictions; however
all new hires were
provided with one-to-one induction training


Zero discrimination
complaints /
concerns raised

2021 Targets

≥ One community
contribution in
communities we
operate in


Explore partnership
opportunities to
increase access to LPG
in communities


≥ Increase number of
vessels carrying LPG
cargo into India

Zero fatalities at sea
and onshore while at


Lost Time Injury Rate
(LTIR) ≤ 0.5


Total Recordable Case
Frequency ≤ 1.5


Implement Zero
Harm Safety Behavior
Observation System


Training campaign
on process safety for
activities onboard

≤ 10% attrition rate


Implementation of training programs


≥ 70% satisfactory result
on employee pulse
survey on employee

 ≥ 70% satisfactory
result on employee
pulse survey on diversity and inclusion


Maintain at least two
female members on
the Board of Directors


Maintain broad
diversity of
nationalities and age
with ±10% variance in


≤ 3 days to respond
to discrimination
complaints /
concerns raised


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