Corporate Governance


At BW LPG, we conduct our business with high ethical standards and in compliance with relevant laws. 

Corporate governance in BW LPG is governed by the Bermuda Companies Act and the Company’s Memorandum of Association and Bye–laws. In addition, certain aspects of the Company's corporate governance are governed by the Norwegian Securities Trading Act, the Norwegian Stock Exchange Regulations and the Continuing Obligations for Companies Listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. BW LPG Limited's Guidelines on Executive Remuneration are available for download here.

BW LPG Limited's Bye-laws are available for download here.

The Board of Directors has adopted a Corporate Governance Policy reflective of BW LPG’s commitment to good governance and taking into account standards of Corporate Governance in the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance. Deviations from the Code are addressed in the Corporate Governance section of the Annual Report.

The Corporate Governance Guidelines can be found here.

Internally, we subscribe to the BW LPG Global Policy, which outlines the framework for employees’ responsibility and conduct. We ensure that our business operations are carried out with the utmost integrity.

We expect our business partners, suppliers, agents and other third parties to comply with relevant policies. These policies reflect our commitment to our shareholders, customers and employees, to conduct our business according to the highest standards of integrity.