Crew and Colleagues

A Truly Diverse Workforce

Inclusion and diversity are core pillars of business growth and central to our company’s identity. We can better understand and meet customer needs, create a workplace environment where employees can perform to their fullest potential, which ultimately drives better financial performance. In 2019, approximately 49% of our onshore employees were women and 33% of these held leadership positions. We remain committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of inclusion and diversity. 

Putting Family First: Interpreting Zero Harm

Zero Harm has been BW LPG’s vision for many years, and the goal of ensuring that safety of all employees remains at the forefront of all our shipping operations continues to remain a priority. A dedicated team within BW LPG implements regular initiatives to enforce a strong safety culture in a growing family of seafarers and shore based staff, so that we deliver great solutions to our customers with Zero Harm. Recognising that it is a journey, many initiatives have been implemented in recent years to support our ambition.

Beyond “Zero Harm” as a corporate vision, what does it mean for employees? As individuals and as teams, we commit to taking personal responsibility for safety, communicate safety concerns, and actively share best practices and learn from near-miss incidents. It was with deep sadness that we lost a seafarer overboard on a BW vessel in December 2018. To drive home the importance of Zero Harm for BW as a company and for each of us as individuals, BW organised a Zero Harm Art Competition. This competition was open to children and siblings of employees, aged 15 years and below.

Zeroharm art Work

Serving Society Through Energy Delivery

BW LPG’s VLGC BW Elm was the first UK-flagged gas carrier to pass through the Strait of Hormuz after Iran’s seizure of the Stena Impero. BW LPG followed developments in the Strait of Hormuz closely and all vessels are to proceed with additional vigilance and to follow appropriate security protocols in place. We also liaised closely with all the relevant authorities such as flag, class, and insurers and operated at its highest security protocol.

In 2019, BW LPG is pleased to report that there were neither any incidents of piracy nor security incidents on board any of our vessels. Individual companies such as BW LPG cannot solve the problem to end piracy ourselves, but we take our responsibility to train and protect our crew, vessels and cargoes very seriously. The IMO has taken a leadership role in coordinating efforts to alleviate the problem from the maritime perspective.