Spotlight: A Sea Change with BW Gemini


2015-built BW Gemini is the world’s first vessel to be retrofitted with LPG dual-fuel propulsion engine in November 2020. 

BW Gemini

BW Gemini sailed on LPG propulsion across the Pacific Ocean in a historic first to Enterprise Terminal in Houston, Texas, for loading. Her voyage produced approximately 20% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to compliant fuels, and used 10% less fuel.

BW Gemini at Enterprise Terminal

As the vessel refueled while loading and no additional bunkering was needed, she proceeded on her voyage immediately, with a record load of 49,000 metric tonnes of LPG. This quick turnaround translated to an increase in the vessel’s commercial availability for customers.

With BW Gemini, we have initiated a sea change in the shipping industry: a profound demonstration not just of LPG’s remarkable fuel savings and operational efficiencies, but also of our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change in a tangible way.


Benefits of LPG Propulsion

There are many environmental, operational and economic benefits from LPG propulsion. A summary of its environmental benefits are as follows:

Benefits of LPG Propulsion4

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