We commit to work in alignment with our Vision, Mission and Values. All new employees and crew are required to attend a VMV training to familiarise themselves with our VMV and Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. COVID-19 has seen the disruption of numerous training plans. Nonetheless, BW LPG continued with training through virtual platforms. The range of training programmes fall within five overarching categories.



Leadership Development

Leaders underwent training to equip themselves with skills to manage more effectively during adversity and uncertain times. We also provided training on how to give and receive feedback from employees and customers, to improve our ways of working together.

Safety and Security

Training was conducted to ensure that stringent safety and security standards are upheld in operations. Crisis management was a key scope in 2020 - to provide employees with a detailed understanding of how best to manage a crisis, with focus on preparation and response procedures.

Operational Upskilling

With the planned retrofitting of LPG propulsion technology onboard 15 vessels, training was necessary to ensure the appropriate transfer of technical skills, adaptation of operational procedures, and understanding of contractual matters.

Lunch and Learn

These sessions are a regular feature - Over lunch, representatives from departments speak about their responsibilities with the aim of sharing knowledge, growing a general awareness of how work across departments are inter-related, and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Other Training and Education

Every employee has a personalised development plan and are offered tailored training opportunities which may include workshops, seminars or on-the-job shadowing. General training on matters such as effective customer service are also provided.