Our People

Our employees are important to us. Our priority is to ensure that we maintain an engaged and trained workforce who feel empowered to take on any challenge.

Open Communication

At BW LPG, we encourage an open-door consultative culture to encourage active communication across all layers. Town hall meetings are held on a regular basis where Management will share business updates whilst employees are encouraged to give feedback or ask questions. Employees are also kept abreast on company policies, announcements, and updates through the intranet.

BW LPG has a grievance process which involves direct communication between the employee/crew and their Line Manager, with involvement from the Human Resource Department/ designated person ashore if required.

Talent Management and Engagement

We recognise that continued success is dependent on our employees’ ability to have the necessary skills, leadership, and competency. Hence, one of our focus areas is to invest in the learning and development of employees to improve knowledge and working performance.

Training and Development

We commit to work in alignment with our Vision, Mission and Values. All new employees and crew are required to attend a VMV training to familiarise themselves with our VMV and Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. COVID-19 has seen the disruption of numerous training plans. Nonetheless, BW LPG continued with training through virtual platforms. The range of training programmes fall within five overarching categories.


Leadership DevelopmentLeaders underwent training to equip themselves with skills to manage more effectively during adversity and uncertain times. We also provided training on how to give and receive feedback from employees and customers, to improve our ways of working together.
Safety and SecurityTraining was conducted to ensure that stringent safety and security standards are upheld in operations. Crisis management was a key scope in 2020 - to provide employees with a detailed understanding of how best to manage a crisis, with focus on preparation and response procedures.
Operational UpskillingWith the planned retrofitting of LPG propulsion technology onboard 15 vessels, training was necessary to ensure the appropriate transfer of technical skills, adaptation of operational procedures, and understanding of contractual matters.
Lunch and LearnThese sessions are a regular feature - Over lunch, representatives from departments speak about their responsibilities with the aim of sharing knowledge, growing a general awareness of how work across departments are inter-related, and explore opportunities for collaboration.
Other Training and EducationEvery employee has a personalised development plan and are offered tailored training opportunities which may include workshops, seminars or on-the-job shadowing. General training on matters such as effective customer service are also provided.

Human Rights and Fair Labour Practices

At BW LPG, we respect the rights of the people we employ and work with. We support the principles in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and adhere to fair labour practices. Our policies cover the following dimensions.


Non discrimination
BW LPG upholds a merit-based work environment and expressly prohibits discrimination in the workplace.
The work environment and culture should be characterised by mutual trust and the absence of bullying or harassment of any kind.
Freedom of association and the right to collective bargainingBW LPG does not hinder crew / employees’ rights to form, join or not join a labour union, or other organisation of their choice and respects the right to collective bargaining in support of their mutual interests.
No forced or child laborBW LPG prohibits any form of forced or child labour, including slavery and human trafficking.
A safe and conducive workplaceBW LPG works to ensures that the workplace is a safe and conducive environment for everyone.

Regulatory Compliance

Fair labour practices for our crew are governed by the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC). All crew members are also covered under global and/or local trade union agreements. Onshore employees are covered under local employment regulations.

Work-Life Balance and Benefits

BW LPG has in place initiatives and programs to promote employee work-life balance, health and mental wellness. The results are shown in our annual employee pulse survey where employees expressed that they were comfortable with their current status of work-life balance.

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