Driving Force for Change


This Report demonstrates the link between our strategy and commitment to understanding the economic, environmental and social impact caused by our business activities.

As the world's largest owner and operator of VLGCs, BW LPG has a responsibility to make a meaningful and positive impact in the industry we are part of, and in the communities we serve. We are determined to ensure that we continue to be well positioned for the future - investing in cleaner energy and accelerating market transformation for the better, so that market-led changes will act as a force for good on a global scale.

Anders Onarheim,


BW LPG is aligned to the United Nations’ (UN) 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which cover a wide spectrum of issues not included in financial analysis yet have financial relevance. These are increasingly integrated into our investment processes and decision-making. These factors influence how we respond and adapt to changes in the market and society, and significantly impact how we are viewed as a responsible business operator.

By benchmarking our performance against specific Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors, we can hold ourselves accountable for managing change in a positive and sustainable way. This means that we understand that how we respond to climate change; how we ensure our crew and employees experience Zero Harm; how we insist on transparent reporting and zero tolerance towards bribery and corruption; how we build trust, treat our talent, and foster innovation, all impact our bottom line and have financial implications.

Ensure continued company-wide emphasis to deliver great solutions to our customers with Zero Harm, and continued guarding against piracy.


Foster workforce diversity, including at leadership levels.


Increase our advocacy of LPG as an affordable and clean energy.


With business decisions, we help push efforts to build better infrastructure and promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation.


Through innovation such as dual-fuel propulsion engines, we ensure that we play our part in reducing our environmental footprint.


Protect our oceans and seas from pollution arising from our operations and reduce plastic waste on board.


Ensure compliance with sewage regulations


We highlight renewed efforts at stamping out bribery in the industry, through company-wide initiatives, and through participation in industry bodies.

Our Sustainability Approach

At the core of our sustainability approach is the purpose of our Company – where we work towards a better world. We want to take the lead in transitioning the world towards cleaner energy, and in the process, be a trusted, transparent and reliable partner for our stakeholders. We have identified six non-negotiable focus topics and remain fundamentally committed to eight more. These focus topics touch directly or indirectly on many of the UNSDGs.