Community Engagement

Caring for our communities

Using Energy to Uplift Communities
Using energy to uplift communities

BW LPG recognizes that it is crucial to extend care to the broader community to foster cohesiveness, especially in times as challenging as these. We choose to support initiatives that have a lasting impact on the communities, long after the collaboration is completed.


We aim to support projects that have lasting environmental and social impact. Initiatives are carefully assessed to ensure that the support we provide is meaningful, and can leave a positive, enduring impact on communities.

Identifying community initiatives can often be serendipitous. It can also be challenging to conduct accurate preliminary impact assessments without deep local knowledge. To maximise chances of successful partnerships for positive community impact, we support initiatives that are recommended by trusted members of our network, and work closely with leaders on-the-ground.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Employees contribute, execute and monitor initiatives in collaboration with community leaders. Feedback is sought for impact assessment and progress reports are regularly reviewed. We maintain an internal system to keep track of the use of funds and ensure accountability of stakeholders involved so as to meet project timelines and commitments.

Increasing access to LPG

BW Liberty at Sonker Bulk Liquids Terminal
BW Liberty at the Sonker Bulk Liquids Terminal

Commissioning a Terminal in Egypt

BW LPG is proud to be a key partner in increasing access to LPG in Egypt by participating in the commissioning of the Sonker Bulk Liquids Terminal. LPG is a key fuel in Egypt with 75% of households using LPG as the main source of fuel for cooking and heating. Egypt currently relies on LPG imports to meet over 50% of domestic demand. To ensure that infrastructure grows alongside demand for petroleum products within the country, the Sonker Bulk Liquids Terminal was built at a cost of over USD 600 million to receive imported petroleum products and re-deliver them to national distribution pipeline networks.

Supporting LPG Supply in India

VLGC BW Pine is part of BW LPG India's fleet
Very Large Gas Carrier BW Pine, part of BW LPG India's Fleet

In India, indoor pollution from cooking with biomass is estimated to cause about 1.1 million deaths per year. In response, the government of India has launched a program to bring LPG access to 80 million households below the poverty line. Through our Indian subsidiary, BW LPG India, we are increasing LPG imports into India to support the transition to cleaner burning energy. When LPG replaces dangerous sources of traditional fuels, it directly saves lives. As we bring LPG to uplift communities in India, we also generate sustainable economic value for our shareholders in the world’s second largest LPG consumer in the world.


BW Pine, a gas carrier in our India fleet
Playing our part to improve gender representation in shipping

Improving gender diversity in shipping

In line with the expansion of our presence in India, BW LPG’s subsidiary in India has pledged to provide scholarships to female cadets from less privileged households or are children of active military personnel. Selected candidates are provided full financial support over the course of their education at The India Maritime University. Through these scholarships, we hope to develop a community of female cadets, make maritime education more accessible and affordable, and encourage diversity in shipping.


Tampines Changkat Voucher Presentation Ceremony
Helping financially challenged households in Singapore with their energy bills

Helping households with LPG for cooking

Covid-19 has brought financial hardship from furlough, retrenchments and closed businesses. We reached out to the community where our Singapore office was located, to provide some support.

In 2020, we worked with local fuel products provider Union Gas Holdings Limited, and grassroots organisation People’s Association, to sponsor 1,600 low-income families who rely on government assistance and charities for sustenance, with LPG cylinders for cooking. We did this with the aspiration to uplift these families one cooked meal at a time. After a successful inaugural year, we expanded our outreach in 2021/2022 – collaborating with BW Epic Kosan and Esso LPG to reach out to more neighbourhoods. We worked with local LPG cylinder distributors as well as multiple grassroots organisations to sponsor LPG cylinders for cooking to ~2,000 low-income households receiving public financial assistance.


Collaborating with Seven Clean Seas to remove plastic pollution from major river systems in Asia

Turning the tide on ocean plastic

BW LPG is pleased to support Seven Clean Seas, a social enterprise focused on the removal of plastics pollution from river systems in Asia, as they organize ocean clean-up operations, install remote island infrastructure, and develop innovative clean-up technology.

One such technology is a high-volume River Plastic Recovery System or RPRS. The RPRS is solar powered and captures river plastic before it reaches the ocean. It adapts to different river topographies and does not interfere with river biodiversity. With a maximum annual capacity of close to 1.5 million kilograms, the RPRS is an example of automated, cost-effective, and high-volume plastics recovery technology. Its modular and minimal design facilities rapid scaling and easy transportation. By building at local shipyards, Seven Clean Seas supports local job creation and by engaging members of the local community, Seven Clean Seas also includes the rivers’ most important stakeholder – people who are dependent on the river for their livelihoods and way of life.


Crew onboard vessels spend long periods away from home and deserve our support
Supporting our crew when they need us most

Supporting impacted seafarers and communities

We committed to two disaster relief funds of US$25,000 each. The first is to support BW LPG’s seafarers in times of need with philanthropic donations and the other is to support global calls for aid in cash or in kind.