LPG Shipping

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BW Liberty at Sonker Bulk Liquids Terminal
A world leader in the safe and sustainable shipping of liquefied petroleum gas or LPG

A world leader in LPG shipping

Half a century in LPG shipping. The world’s largest fleet of Very Large Gas Carriers. A commitment to safe and sustainable operations. This is BW LPG.

Pioneering LPG propulsion technology

We also have the world’s largest fleet of LPG-powered VLGCs – 15 of our vessels are retrofitted with LPG dual-fuel propulsion technology and serve our customers with the sector’s lowest emissions profile. This is our commitment to sustainable development, which we pursue while keeping our focus on safe and reliable operations, so that we can continue to provide industry-leading customer service and generate better returns for our shareholders.

Join our pool

There is strength in numbers. Lean on our legacy and strong reputation as a long-term industrial player in the LPG shipping segment. At BW LPG, we have been navigating volatile market cycles with experience and dedicated people. We believe in long-term relationships and we believe in finding value and solutions together.

To be our customers’ first choice we must be responsive and excel in what we do. By pooling our resources, we raise our potential, and reduce our costs.

Join us, and tap on our strong international presence and network.

Many reasons to ship LPG with us:

Cleaner energy at work

We own and operate the world’s largest fleet of LPG-powered VLGCs. 15 of our VLGCs are retrofitted with LPG dual-fuel propulsion technology, a move that has been reaping environmental, operational and economic benefits.

World’s largest fleet of VLGCs

With over 40 VLGCs in our fleet, we offer high vessel availability to match open fixtures. In addition, our LPG powered VLGCs refuel as they load, reducing turnaround time and increasing commercial availability.

An award-winning fleet

Our vessels are maintained to the highest standards, with industry-leading low numbers of SIRE and CDI observations. Over half of our fleet have been awarded the Qualship 21 certification. Less than 10% of all foreign-flagged ships that operate in the United Sates meet the eligibility requirements of this programme, putting our qualified vessels in an elite class.

Work with experience

For over 50 years, we have been shipping LPG to world markets. Over the years, we combine operational experience with innovative and flexible solutions for our customers. As part of the BW Group, we also have access to the capabilities of many leading maritime and energy companies.

Zero Harm in everything we do

Safety is a corporate priority and always comes first. Because only then can customers rely on us to do our jobs. Only then can energy be delivered to world markets, and only then can our colleagues go home safe.

Against bribery and corruption

We are a member of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network, and we insist on the highest standards of integrity from ourselves and our partners.

Act for the future

At BW LPG, we are committed to sustainability and decarbonization for the long haul. In 2020, BW LPG made the sector’s single largest investment in decarbonization initiatives by committing USD 130 million to retrofit 15 of its VLGCs with LPG dual-fuel propulsion technology onboard. Retrofitting is done in conjunction with scheduled dry dockings. To deliver energy with BW LPG is to ship smarter, more sustainably, and more cost effectively.

Contact us

We operate globally, providing 24/7 commercial and operational support to our customers. Contact us now at chartering@bwlpg.com.