Sustainability Approach

An LPG Powered Very Large Gas Carrier or VLGC

Spotlight: Journey to Net Zero

LPG is a cleaner-burning fuel with many uses. In fact, LPG makes so much sense for the environment that we pioneered the technology needed to power our vessels with LPG. With this technology and together with other efforts, big and small, we are building momentum towards net-zero carbon emissions in our operations.

Our purpose as a Company

At the core of our sustainability approach is the purpose of BW LPG – where we work towards a Better World.

We are leading the world’s transition towards cleaner energy and in the process, creating value for society and being a reliable partner for our stakeholders.

Working towards a Better World

Sustainability is an integral part of our vision to be Best on Water
Sustainability is an integral part of our vision to be Best on Water

Sustainability Statement

As the world’s largest owner and operator of VLGCs, we play a pivotal role in contributing to a sustainable future by making a meaningful and positive impact in the shipping industry and in the communities we serve.

We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and aspire towards a Better World by:

  1. Protecting the environment for future generations by investing in technology that can combat climate change
  2. Creating value for society by leading and supporting initiatives to enhance people’s lives
  3. Engaging in responsible and transparent business practices to create sustainable economic value for our stakeholders

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