Effective Management

Material Topic for BW LPG

Dedicated and Experienced Crew at BW LPG

Risk, Commitment, Value


Incurred opportunity costs due to inadequate evaluation, internal process and contingencies may cause operational delays. Poor IT management can expose the company to cyber threats. 


Continuously enhance our reporting and management of operations to align with internationally recognised standards. Invest in IT to maximise efficiency in our operations. 


Strong core operations and management enable us to take advantage of business opportunities and generate value for our shareholders, customers, and society. 

Our Approach

Economic Performance

We place strong emphasis on good governance, highlighting the importance of tight control processes, transparency, and responsiveness to new developments. We are committed to our ESG priorities, and we believe that honest and adequate management is essential.

We systematically evaluate policy decisions, monitor financial transactions, and undergo regular audits to uphold high standards in financial reporting. We ensure frequent and transparent communication with our external stakeholders, reflecting a commitment to open and honest business based on trust and reciprocity by our Leaders and Investors. 

Quality Management System

Our Quality Management System (QMS), which takes reference from ISO 9001, is our repository of processes and management systems which guide our delivery of consistent and quality operations. 

IT Management

At BW LPG, IT management shapes our operational efficiency and innovation. We are committed to leveraging technology, and our strategy ensures near-seamless connectivity and data-driven decision-making across our global operations. We also protect the confidentiality of personal information of our employees, crew, customers, and business partners.

We have measures in place to detect compromised information, such as misuse of data, unauthorised access to networks and computer systems, and malwares. As we digitalise a greater number of processes, the risk of cyber-attacks increase. As such, data and system security are integral parts of business operations. We actively prevent cyber-attacks which can cause operational disruption or breach of data that may lead to financial loss, loss of customer confidence, damage to reputation, and legal sanctions.