An LPG Powered Very Large Gas Carrier or VLGC

Spotlight: A Sea Change in Shipping

Pioneering the technology needed to propel large LPG carriers with cleaner-burning liquefied petroleum gas.

Energy powers our world and our energy choices can protect our environment

Liquefied petroleum gas or LPG is a cleaner-burning fuel with plenty of uses.

When used for cooking, LPG provides smoke-free indoor cooking and reduces outdoor and urban air pollution.

When used for industrial purposes, LPG produces less carbon dioxide than coal, heating oil or petrol, and emits negligible black carbon.

In fact, LPG makes so much sense for the environment, we’ve pioneered the technology needed to power our vessels with LPG.

What does this mean? This means that we are protecting our environment by delivering cleaner energy to world markets, one voyage at a time.

Global action on climate change must
continue its momentum

We are protecting our environment by delivering cleaner energy to world markets, one voyage at a time.

LPG as a sustainable
source of energy

LPG is a portable, clean, efficient, and readily available energy source. LPG is primarily obtained from natural gas and oil production but is also increasingly produced from renewable sources. It directly saves lives when it substitutes wood, charcoal, and other harmful fuel sources.

Its unique properties make it a versatile energy source which can be used in over a thousand applications in our homes and in many industries such as manufacturing, chemicals, as well as agriculture.

Our Environmental Priorities

Our Sustainability PrioritiesWhat this meansUN SDGRead more
Emissions to AirReduce GHG emissions across our fleet and lead the maritime industry to a more sustainable futureUNSDG Goal 13 Climate ActionEmissions and Energy
Energy ManagementOptimize vessel efficiency and voyage operationsUNSDG Goal 7 Affordable and Clean EnergyUNSDG Goal 13 Climate ActionEmissions and Energy
Ship RecyclingSupport the maritime industry’s efforts to make ship recycling more responsible and transparentUNSDG Goal 15 Life on LandShip Recycling
Spills to SeaProtect ocean health by proper waste management and minimizing spills to seaUNSDG Goal 14 Life Under WaterUNSDG Goal 15 Life on LandBiodiversity & Waste Management

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