Physical and mental health onboard is a priority for us at BW LPG

Spotlight: Continued Challenges from Covid-19

We have a duty of care to our crew and employees, to focus on their safety and well-being during a global pandemic, so that they can continue to deliver energy to uplift communities.


Using energy to uplift communities

LPG is an economical and cleaner source of fuel which has a much lower carbon footprint than coal and oil. BW LPG is proud to be a leading maritime transporter of LPG that delivers and increases access to LPG across the globe.

We believe that energy can uplift communities. We are confident that a world propelled by LPG will be a sustainable one for tomorrow’s generations.

Towards a Better World with LPG

We aspire towards a Better World

Our social priorities

Our Sustainability PrioritiesWhat this meansWhat we want to achieveAlignment with UNSDGs
Health and SafetySafety is a core value and creating a safe and healthy workplace with Zero Harm is non-negotiable and our top priority.Protect the health and safety of crew, employees and contractors. Prevent incidents through training, careful planning, identifying potential hazards and managing risks.UNSDG Goal 3 Good Health and Well BeingUNSDG Goal 8 Decent work and economic growth
Our PeopleOur people are the key to our success. We need a motivated, engaged, and diverse workforce to be Best on Water and lead the energy transition.Build a diverse, inclusive and discrimination-free workplace and provide equal opportunities. Prohibit violations and act on human and labour rights issues.UNSDG Goal 5 Gender equalityUNSDG Goal 8 Decent work and economic growthUNSDG Goal 10 Reduced inequalities
Community EngagementPrevent or minimise and manage impact from operations on livelihoods, land, environments, health and well-being of people and communities.Help people and communities thrive by delivering cleaner energy worldwide, and supporting relevant community initiatives.UNSDG Goal 3 Good Health and Well BeingUNSDG Goal 4 Quality EducationUNSDG Goal 7 Affordable and Clean Energy

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