Physical and mental health onboard is a priority for us at BW LPG

Spotlight: Continued Challenges from Covid-19

We have a duty of care to our crew and employees, to focus on their safety and well-being during a global pandemic, so that they can continue to deliver energy to uplift communities.


Using energy to uplift communities

LPG is an economical and cleaner source of fuel which has a much lower carbon footprint than coal and oil. BW LPG is proud to be a leading maritime transporter of LPG that delivers and increases access to LPG across the globe.

We believe that energy can uplift communities. We are confident that a world propelled by LPG will be a sustainable one for tomorrow’s generations.

Towards a Better World with LPG

We aspire towards a Better World

Our social priorities

Our Sustainability PrioritiesWhat this meansWhat we want to achieveAlignment with UNSDGsStakeholder Impacted
Health and SafetyCreating a safe and healthy workplace with Zero Harm is our top priority.Protect the health and safety of crew, employees and contractors. Prevent incidents through training, careful planning, identifying potential hazards and managing risks.UNSDG Goal 3 Good Health and Well BeingUNSDG Goal 8 Decent work and economic growthCrew
Government and Regulators
Our PeopleOur people is key to our success. To stay ahead of competition and be Best on
Water, we need a motivated, engaged, and diverse team.
Create a workplace that is inclusive, diverse and free from prejudice. Prohibit violations and act on human and labour rights issues.UNSDG Goal 5 Gender equalityUNSDG Goal 8 Decent work and economic growthUNSDG Goal 10 Reduced inequalitiesCrew
Community EngagementAs we grow deep roots in the communities where we have a presence, we attract the best talent, build a strong company culture, provide meaningful work to employees and advance our reputation.
Our engagements are prioritised in areas where we can demonstrate leadership and where our knowledge and resources can make a meaningful and lasting difference for communities.UNSDG Goal 3 Good Health and Well BeingUNSDG Goal 4 Quality EducationUNSDG Goal 7 Affordable and Clean EnergyCrew

Oversight and Management

BW LPG’s Social Policies form the basis of our health and safety, people and community development initiatives. Led by Senior  management, action plans are updated based on feedback received and are reviewed by the Board of Directors quarterly. Key performance indicators and targets ensures the larger BW LPG organisation is aware and understands the importance of a safe, inclusive and socially responsible business.

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