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Engaged crew at BW LPG

Conducive Workplace

We focus on our people as we run our business well and reduce our impact on the environment. This is because our dedicated and experienced colleagues are our greatest competitive advantage. At BW LPG, we are powered by LPG, and we are powered by people. We aim to provide a workplace that is inclusive, safe and respectful of the diverse backgrounds and talents that make up our workforce. We will also continue to engage employees with internal programmes and initiatives that is relevant and meaningful.

LTIF (Lost Time Injury Frequency)
TCRF(Total Recordable Case Frequency)
Shore Employee Diversity

Material Topic: Working Environment

Our Zero Harm Programme is in place to protect the health and safety of crew, employees and contractors. Encouraging a culture of continuous training and sharing of best practices allow us to offer industry leading services and innovative solutions for our customers. We foster a company culture that is inclusive and respectful of the human rights, labour rights, diversity and skills that make up our workforce and supply chain. 

Talent Management

We strive to build a culture of entrepreneurship, emphasising a growth mindset and a trusting environment to encourage our people to adapt to change and cultivate new skills.We depend on their motivation to fuel innovation, enhance productivity, and drive continuous improvement. 

Material Topic: Recruitment, Development and Retention


We engage with external institutions who nurture the industry’s talent pipeline. We participate in tertiary recruitment events, offer scholarships and provide work placement opportunities to attract and grow our talent pool.


When we invest in employees, through upskilling, opportunities for career progression and professional development, we see extensions of tenure. Learning empowers employees to welcome change, acquire new skills, and enhance overall performance. Our development initiatives offer avenues for both upskilling and reskilling. Upskilling seeks to elevate employees’ existing skills and capabilities to progress in their current or a comparable role, while reskilling equips them to undertake new responsibilities within the company.


BW LPG has in place initiatives and programs to promote employee work-life balance, health and mental wellness. Retaining employees is crucial to ensure continuity of expertise and the company’s long-term success and growth.

2023 At A Glance

Material TopicActions2023 TargetsProgress2024 targets
Working Environment- Health & Safety

- Human & Labour rights

- Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging
- Zero crew and contractor fatalities at sea and on shore while at work.

- Lost Time Injury Rate ≤ 0.5.

- Total Recordable Case Frequency ≤ 1.5

- Diversity of nationalities with ± 15% variance in gender
- Zero employee, crew and contractor fatalities

- Lost Time Injury Frequency: 0.16

- Total Recordable Case Frequency: 0.16

- Successfully rolled out the Safer Together Programme, a new health and safety initiative

- Continuation of HiLo analyses, trainings, audits,
safety briefings and drills

- 100% installation of Starlink on internally managed vessels to improve ship-shore communication

- Established a Working Environment Committee in
collaboration with BW Group to assess work

- Zero cases of discrimination and harassment

- Female (41%) : Male (59%) diversity ratio and 17 nationalities

- Attained 93% participation and 81% satisfaction result on Employee Pulse survey
- Diversity of
nationalities, with
±15% variance in
employee gender

- Zero cases of discrimination and

- Zero crew, employee and contractor fatalities while at work

- Whole fleet LTIF ≤0.5 and TRCF ≤1.5
Recruitment, Development & Retention- Human capital management

- Welfare and benefits
- Investment into training, upgrading and upskilling

- Have interns / trainees in our industry exposure programme to encourage and groom maritime talent
- BW recognised by Forbes as the Top 500 World’s Best Employers 2023

- Collaborated with BW Group in a talent management initiative to have a common platform to offer opportunities to all BW colleagues

- Participated in school outreach programmes at tertiary education centres and hosted a physical engagement session with students with the larger BW Group

- 36 shore colleagues attended training programmes to build their soft skills

- 2 interns/trainees in our industry exposure programme
- Investment into training, upgrading and upskilling programmes

- Have interns/trainees in our industry exposure programme to encourage and groom maritime talent

- Develop opportunities to work
between offices and enhance collaboration