Our VLGC Fleet
Very Large Gas Carriers

Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGCs)

To deliver energy with BW LPG is to ship smarter, more sustainably, and more cost effectively.

Our fleet

BW LPG is the world’s leading owner and operator of LPG vessels, owning and operating a fleet of Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGCs) with a total carrying capacity of over 3 million CBM. With five decades of operating experience in LPG shipping and experienced seafarers and staff, BW LPG offers a flexible and reliable service to customers. With a global presence in seven countries, BW LPG operates out of Singapore and is incorporated in Bermuda.

From spot voyages and time charters to Contracts of Affreightment (CoAs), our emphasis on flexible, reliable service has earned the trust of leading oil companies as well as trading and utility companies.

Since 3Q2023, our Product Services division has chartered in two Medium Gas Carriers, Astor (2023) and Gas Socerer (2023) both of which are about 40,000 CBM and flagged Liberia and Marshall Islands respectively. For more information on these two MGCs, click here.

A pioneer in the use of LPG dual-fuel propulsion technology

We also have the world’s largest fleet of LPG-powered VLGCs – 17 of our vessels are equipped with LPG dual-fuel propulsion technology and serve our customers with the sector’s lowest emissions profile. This is our commitment to sustainable development, which we pursue while keeping our focus on safe and reliable operations, so that we can continue to provide industry-leading customer service and generate better returns for our shareholders.

Safety as priority onboard

BW Leo celebrating a safety milestone onboard
VLGC BW Leo celebrating a safety milestone onboard

At BW LPG, we work hard to ensure efficiency delivery of LPG to our customers, and be commercially competitive in the marketplace. But there is nothing more important than the life, health and well-being of our employees.

Since Covid-19 was declared a global pandemic, our way of life has been irrevocably impacted and how we do business must adapt to this new reality.  Our operations and crew changes continue to be challenged by travel restrictions, as countries manage subsequent Covid outbreaks and new strains with varying degrees of success. We thank port authorities and health facilities around the world who have set aside resources to vaccinate our crew. Without our crew, our ships cannot sail; and if our ships cannot sail, we cannot deliver cleaner energy to the world.

Now more than ever, we focus on the safety of our crew onboard and our colleagues around the world. We insist on Zero Harm in all that we do, because nothing else matters if we do not get our team members home safely.