Recruitment, Development and Retention

Material Topic for BW LPG

Developing our staff at BW LPG

Risk, Commitment, Value


BW LPG relies on our committed and talented workforce to support our business aspirations. Securing talent, especially for new technology and expertise required in the business’s expansion into new markets, is highly competitive. 


We want to create an engaging and nurturing environment for skills development and personal growth to attract, develop and retain our workforce. 


A motivated workforce that welcomes change and cultivates new skills will support a culture of entrepreneurship and a supportive working environment. 

Our Approach

Talent Attraction

Establishing a sustainable talent pool across all job levels is a crucial strategic priority.  It facilitate smooth leadership transitions and succession planning for talent within BW LPG. We have a robust talent management program intended to empower our workforce with the essential skills and competencies required to achieve our business objectives. 

Engagement and Training

We invest in the professional development of employees and encourage a culture of continuous learning through various channels such as on-the-job training and relevant courses from academic institutions. 

Average Training Hours
9.0 Hours
1.1 hours
Training includes diversity and inclusion, business ethics, cybersecurity, health and safety, and upskilling modules.

Welfare and Benefits

BW LPG has in place initiatives and programs to promote employee work-life balance, health and mental wellness. The results are shown in our annual employee pulse survey where employees expressed that they were comfortable with their current status of work-life balance. 

Annual Employee Pulse Survey

We conduct an Employee Pulse Survey every year. The survey is conducted through a third-party platform (Willis Towers Watson) where anonymity and confidentiality of the respondent is guaranteed. The results allow the Company to understand where we are doing well and where we can improve. 

During the survey, employees can feedback and express opinions related to the company’s work environment and support provided to them. The survey addresses a variety of topics including but not limited to flexible work arrangements, diversity and inclusion, learning opportunities as well as engagements. Senior management evaluates the survey results to assess the adequacy of current practices and formulate action plans for identified areas of improvement. Results are shared with employees to ensure accountability and transparency. This also helps to develop a common understanding among the wider organisation on how each colleague can help make working at BW LPG more meaningful. Key results are shared and updated on our website annually.