Policies and Guidelines

Developing our staff at BW LPG

Upholding the highest standards of business conduct

Communicating our expectations clearly, so that we can work towards our Vision of being Best on Water.

Sailing in full compliance

Holding ourselves to high standards

At BW LPG, we deliver on our promises to customers and colleagues. Our policies and guidelines hold us to high standards of operations and collaboration. We recognize that accountability and reliability are essential for success, and we act with integrity and uphold high ethical standards.

ESG policy

Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

As the world’s largest owner and operator of VLGCs, we play a pivotal role in contributing to a sustainable future by making a meaningful and positive impact in the shipping industry and in the communities we serve. Read about how we support the UN SDGs and aspire towards a Better World.

Environmental policies

Social policies

Governance policies

Key Governance Documents, Standards and References

BW LPG is guided by internal governance standards and processes, which are regularly audited. External frameworks are referenced and incorporated into our management processes. These guidance are aligned with external best practices, regulatory requirements or laws. We provide a summary of key governance documents, standards and references that we reference to ensure alignment and transparency in our ESG practices and reporting.

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