Fleet List

Delivering Energy with Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGCs)

BW LPG is the world’s leading owner and operator of Very Large Gas Carriers or VLGCs. Today, we have over 40 VLGCs in our fleet, and they are all maintained to the highest technical standards, in order to comply with strict commercial and regulatory requirements for LPG shipping. Our LPG vessels are designed and built by world-class yards, and are managed by experienced in-house and third-party fleet managers. We have a pool of ~1,000 capable seafarers who deliver cleaner energy to world markets safely, sustainably and cost effectively.

17 of our LPG vessels have LPG dual-fuel propulsion technology onboard, allowing us to serve customers with the lowest emissions profile. This is the world’s largest fleet of LPG-powered VLGCs. We also offer vessels that are equipped with scrubber technology. Read more about LPG dual-fuel propulsion technology here.

Since 3Q2023, our Product Services division has chartered in two Medium Gas Carriers (MGC), Astor (2023) and Gas Socerer (2023), both of which are about 40,000 CBM and flagged Liberia and Marshall Islands respectively. For more information on these two MGCs, click here.

Data as of 11 June 2024.