Towards a Better World

Delivering LPG to fuel the world's cleaner energy transition

At BW LPG, sustainability is about working with a long-term perspective in mind—collaborating with stakeholders to mitigate operational impacts on the environment and contributing to the communities we serve. LPG is a cleaner-burning fuel that can help meet the world’s energy needs while addressing concerns on climate change.

As the world’s largest owner and operator of VLGCs and affiliated with BW Group, we have the responsibility and ability to influence at scale. As we continue to pursue good shareholder returns to ensure the sustainability of our business, we also act to ensure the sustainability of the planet. We will show that while there are many uses for LPG, there is only one way to ship it sustainably—with BW LPG.

Sustainability at BW LPG

Sustainability is a priority at BW LPG and an integral part of our vision to be Best on Water.