Commemorating International Anti-Corruption Day 2023

Commitment to Ethical Practices at BW LPG

Each year, we commemorate International Anti-Corruption Day on 9 December. It is a global event aimed at raising awareness about the destructive impacts of corruption and promoting a culture of transparency, integrity, and accountability.

At BW LPG, our company’s success is rooted in the ethical conduct of each member of our team, both seafarers and shore colleagues alike. We are committed to fostering a work environment that promotes honesty, integrity, and fairness. To this end, our policies are clear and uncompromising: there is zero tolerance for corruption in our operations. BW LPG is a member of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN)’s and this year, as part of activities to commemorate International Anti-Corruption Day, crew were asked to watch videos available from MACN and discuss what we can do to stop bribery and corrupt practices in the maritime industry.

BW Freyja stands firm against bribery and corrupt practices.
Explaining how we can contribute to stop corrupt practices – BW Freyja

Alignment Across the Board

When asked where we may possibly encounter bribery and corrupt practices, Deck Cadet Anup Varna says, “A bribe can be asked during operations, in return for smooth clearance or to ‘overlook’ certain procedural requirements.” When asked what steps crew can follow if they encounter bribery and corrupt practices, Captain Arjim E. Gementiza of BW Magellan says, “We can politely explain the Company’s Anti-bribery Policy with the posters posted in common workplace onboard.”

Captain Rahul Yadav of BW Gemini agrees and comments, “We should also never handle a situation alone. We can contact BW LPG’s Anti-Bribery representatives and fleet teams, and they will support us and give further guidance”. Captain Bhushan Pradhan of BW Brage adds, “Sometimes, we may be asked for certain items from our bonded store. We will diplomatically convey that we cannot accede but at the same time, we must have the safety of crew and vessel as our priority and manage accordingly.”

When asked why it is important for BW LPG to stand firm against bribery and corrupt practices, Captain Igor Khodakovskiy of BW Aries explains, “It is because corruption is wrong. We must do things the right way. It is important to stand our ground so that the market’s trust remains in BW LPG.” Captain Orlando Noronha of BW Tucana also comments, “Corruption erodes trust between businesses and destroy reputation of companies. It also leads to an unsafe environment and has a very stressful effect on mariners.”

Stand firm against bribery and corruption onboard BW Princess
Understanding why it is important to play our part in the industry – BW Princess

When we are coordinated and aligned in our response to bribery and corrupt practices, we build a good reputation in the industry. Says Captain Manivel Saravana Suresh of BW Volans, “every port that we go to, upon seeing a BW vessel, we do not receive any demands.” Captain Armando T. Tajo of BW Freyja adds, “These days, on all port calls, there is no attempt of asking from third parties.”

Stand firm against bribery and corruption at BW LPG
Stand firm against bribery and corruption at BW LPG – BW Frigg

Highest Levels of Support

All employees can expect the fullest support from the highest levels of Management as we stand firm against bribery and corruption at the frontlines. There are various channels to report wrongdoing – both employees and external stakeholders can make anonymous reports via EthicsPoint, a third-party hosted platform that relays reports directly to the CEO of BW LPG. We have posters onboard which clearly communicate our stand. Employees can also call the Company’s Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption representatives Prodyut Banerjee (Vice President and Head of Operations) and Anne Chevalier (General Manager, Fleet Operations and Efficiency) should they require immediate shore support.

Training and role playing, and standing firm together as one Companny - BW Magellan
Training and role playing, and standing firm together as one Company – BW Magellan


Do Not Ask. We Will Not Give.

At BW LPG, we reaffirm our commitment to conducting our business in a transparent, ethical, and responsible manner. We share a collective responsibility to uphold our company’s values, to report any suspected corrupt practices, and to work in the best interests of our company and the communities we serve. Do not ask, we will not give.

Corporate emphasis on the importance of integrity in all that we do
Commemorating International Anti-Corruption Day with discussions onboard.

Corporate Communications thanks Captain Igor Khodakovskiy and crew of BW Aries; Captain Bhushan Pradhan and crew of BW Brage; Captain Armando T. Tajo and crew of BW Freyja; Captain Ardee V. Solatorio and crew of BW Frigg; Capt. Rahul Yadav and crew of BW Gemini; Captain Arjim E. Gementiza and crew of BW Magellan; Captain Martin V. Gagelonia and crew of BW Orion; Captain Alexander Poliakov and crew of BW Princess; Captain Orlando Noronha and crew of BW Tucana; as well as Captain Manivel Saravana Suresh and crew of BW Volans for their contributions.