Making A Power Move On LPG

Many benefits of LPG as marine fuel
Making A Power Move On LPG

Making A Power Move On LPG

LPG as marine fuel makes so much sense. From a regulatory perspective, we are compliant with all regulations related to sulphur emissions, and we improve our performance related to EEXI, CII and enhanced SEEMP. From an environmental perspective, we see meaningful declines in greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2, SOx, Particular Matter and NOx. As LPG consists of propane, butane or a mix of the two, there is no methane-slip as it is not present.

And by retrofitting, we extend the use of our assets and decarbonize meaningfully from a well-to-wake basis. According to the Research Council of Norway, with LPG, we benefit from a 17% decline in CO2 emissions versus MGO. Apart from these environmental advantages, we also benefit operationally and commercially. For example, LPG propulsion improve total voyage fuel economics. We save time by bunkering LPG while loading cargo thus increasing commercial availability. And with dual-fuel capability, we have fuel flexibility to ensure uninterrupted operations and buffering from fuel price sensitivities.

Pontus Berg discussed the benefits of using LPG as marine fuel. He spoke as part of a panel “Snapshot 3 – LPG the Alternative Marine Fuel for Today and Tomorrow” on 8 December.

Date: 8 December 2021
Time: 9.15 – 1015am LT
Presentation: Download here

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