Mandatory Notification of Trade – BW LPG Block Sale

Reference is made to the stock exchange notice published on 27 May 2021 regarding the completion of a block sale of existing shares in BW LPG Limited by BW Group Limited.

BW Group Limited has sold 5,800,000 shares in BW LPG Limited on 27 May 2021 at an average price of NOK 60.00 per share. Following this transaction, BW Group Limited holds 56,807,126 shares (40.02%) in BW LPG Limited. Please refer to the attached for further details.

For further information, please contact:

Elaine Ong, CPA, CA
Chief Financial Officer
Tel: +65 6705 5506

Iver Baatvik
Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Development
Tel: +65 6705 5519