Bringing Our Whole Selves to BW LPG

Inspiring conversations on diversity, inclusion and belonging (DI&B) alongside well-being.

Keeping active onboard
Staying active onboard - Photo contributed by 3rd Engineer Von Joseph Lamis

As you begin your workday, do you step into a professional role and step outside of yourself, to bring a “different you” to the workplace? The concept of “Our Whole Self” challenges this notion of adopting a different persona. It encourages a person to embrace all aspects of one’s personality, and bring our interests, hopes, dreams, and even fears with us to work.

3rd Engineer Angelica Cuyno inspects a fuel injection piston onboard BW Gemini

The reasoning is this – if we bring a different version of ourselves to work, we build a compromised workplace with lowered levels of creative thinking, performance, and social connection. However, when we bring our whole selves to work, we bring our unique perspective and experience to our work, and can develop sustainable behaviors that help us thrive personally and professionally. If we feel right at home and at work, we will enjoy and gain satisfaction from our jobs  and be well placed to do our best work. We should feel a sense of belonging at BW LPG, and be our authentic selves in alignment with our company values. By behaving authentically, we enhance our mental and physical well-being, and truly unlock the diversity of our global team.

Crew onboard vessels spend long periods away from home and deserve our support
Crew onboard vessels spend long periods away from home and deserve our support

BW Group launched “Our Whole Self” in March 2022, and over the year we have had many initiatives to inspire conversations on diversity, inclusion and belonging (DI&B) alongside well-being. Through keynote speakers, panel discussions, team activities and selfreflection exercises, Our Whole Self provides insights and tools to help our employees take better care of themselves and others. The programme has so far focused on resilience and well-being, with a series of talks that shared perspectives on how to switch off in an alwayson era. It addressed topics such as how to find a balance between deep work and intentional rest, and how to strive for better work-life harmony.

Whether onshore or offshore, diversity, inclusion and belonging are equally important. The offshore working environment is unique, with colleagues from different nationalities, backgrounds, religions, genders and ages working together in a contained environment for several months. We are pleased to be piloting Respect and Belonging at Sea – a specific intervention for our seafarers at BW LPG and BW LNG. Through this, we will help our seafarers understand the inclusive behaviours we expect them to uphold, as well as the behaviours we don’t tolerate. We will equip them with the tools and techniques to further embrace each other’s differences and strengthen our culture of inclusion at sea.

At BW LPG, we will strive for a inclusive and welcoming climate that embraces differences and offers respect in words and actions for all people. We will do all we can to make the vessel feel like a second home for all.

Note: Above article adapted from a 1H2022 World Horizon article titled “Focus On: Our Whole Self”

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