Commemorating the Day of the Seafarer 2023

Seafarers play an important role in helping to protect our marine environment

Each year on June 25th, the maritime industry celebrates the Day of the Seafarer, a day established by the International Maritime Organization in 2010 to highlight the importance of maritime careers and the work done by men and women at sea. Each year, the Day of the Seafarer has a different theme, and for 2023, the theme is #OceansWorthProtecting.

Oceans Worth Protecting

The theme this year looks at seafarers’ contribution to protecting the marine environment, in line with the World Maritime theme “MARPOL at 50 – Our commitment goes on”.

Seafarers spend so much time at sea, and they are an important part of the solution when it comes to protecting the marine environment. The IMO has called for seafarers to share pictures of the marine environment surrounding them while they are at sea, so as to shine a spotlight on the marine environment and demonstrate that it is well worth protecting.

Answering this call, BW LPG has reached out to our seafarers too. We have asked our team at sea to contribute photos, and videos of them implementing MARPOL Annex V guidelines, on the proper management of garbage onboard. We are delighted to share the photos and videos with you.

A World Worth Protecting

Beyond the oceans, we must also do our part to reduce our climate impact. We have initiatives, big and small, to ensure that we are part of the solution as the world transitions towards a low-carbon future. From using more energy-efficient lighting and managing energy use onboard, to investing in pioneering technology and retrofitting 15 of our Very Large Gas Carriers with LPG propulsion technology in an ambitious, multi-year project, we are working hard to ensure we live up to our Vision of being Best on Water. We want to deliver energy the world needs today, as we find solutions for tomorrow.

Read more about what we are doing on the ESG and Sustainability front, in our 2022 Integrated Report.

To our seafarers, and to all seafarers, Happy Day of the Seafarer!


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