Quality Management System

Focused on Continuous Improvement

A crew is a frontline employee, and they are valued for their technical expertise in delivering energy safely to world markets.

Our Quality Management System is regularly reviewed and updated. Regular internal audits are conducted on end-to-end business processes. Any suggestions for improvements are taken into consideration for continuous improvement to our management systems and processes. 

BW LPG Quality Management System
  • Scope of the QMS Manual and a summary of the authority, ownership and structure of various departments and the differences between the Quality and Business manual
  • Organisation chart at Board and group level
  • Quality manual which sets out the contents of the manual, quality policies, objectives and descriptions of systems
  • Company processes, resource distribution as per the departments in BW LPG
  • Departmental procedures and execution

Internal Governance documents and International Standards are adopted to support the governance model within the company. All BW LPG policies, workflow processes and guidelines are available on our intranet for internal stakeholders. These documents guide our employees and crew in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities to achieve our strategic objectives. Documents commonly requested by external stakeholders and communicated in our business relationships are available on our website. 

Account management Manage company and personal data, authorisation access and operating system behaviour
Access control Have control measures for personnel accessing internal and external systems and data transmission channels
Communication systems Avoid and block high risk connections
Development and maintenance Develop systems according to IMO recommendations on maritime cyber risk management
External threats review Identify potential internal weaknesses through alerts management and early detection
Back-up In times of system failure, disposal measures and back-up restorations are in place to tackle system disruptions
User awareness Active training for users to be alert to phishing or suspicious emails, and requirement for users to regularly change their passwords