Contractor Safety Policy


The BW LPG Contractor Safety Policy is to ensure that contractors are working safely and in accordance with safety and environmental procedures onboard BW LPG vessels.

BW LPG vessels are managed through our ship managers who have undertaken to adhere to BW LPG policies.

Policy Statement

In order to provide a safe working space for contractors, BW LPG shall:

  • Ensure that before work starts, the following measures are taken:
    • ensure the anticipated attendance of contractors are discussed prior to contractors’ arrival; and
    • ensure that the contractor work permit in port is completed before commencing any work in port.
  • Ensure that contractors sailing with the vessels take the following steps:
    • before commencing any work onboard, the contractor safety familiarization checklist shall be completed;
    • the contractors’ work onboard shall always be supervised by either the responsible officer, a work leader or subcontractor’s work leader;
    • contractors shall attend safety meetings and applicable tool-box meetings; and
    • contractors shall always sign work permit and risk assessments.