Investor Relations and Shareholder Engagement Policy


BW LPG Investor Relations and Shareholder Engagement Policy aims to set out provisions to shareholders on how BW LPG maintains effective and open communication for shareholders, stakeholders and the interested public.

Policy Statement

BW LPG aims to increase and maximize BW LPG’s long-term success, thereby generating sustainable profitability and returns to shareholders on their investments in BW LPG.

The manner in which BW LPG is governed is vital to the development of BW LPG’s value over time and thus a high degree of openness and communication is maintained with existing and potential shareholders, stakeholders and the general public. BW LPG aims for a high degree of openness and is committed to communicating information in compliance with the disclosure requirements of the Oslo Børs. BW LPG respects the principle of equal treatment of all market players to ensure fair pricing of BW LPG shares. The contacts between the senior management, investors and analysts are carefully handled and structured, and BW LPG will not engage in any acts that compromise the independence of analysts in relation to the company and vice versa. BW LPG acknowledges the importance of effective shareholder engagement with respect to performance, operations, governance, sustainability-related matters or other matters affecting shareholder interests and long-term value.

Analysts’ reports and valuations are not assessed, commented upon or corrected, other than factually by BW LPG, and BW LPG does not pay fees to any parties to carry out research for analysts’ reports or to produce or publish these reports. Contacts with the capital markets are dealt with by the members of BW LPG’s senior management, BW LPG’s investor relations professionals, and from time to time, other BW LPG personnel specially mandated by the senior management.

An open and continuous dialogue is established and maintained with existing and potential shareholders, stakeholders and the public to create a mutual understanding of issues that matters and to ensure the adaption of best practices.

In order to achieve this, BW LPG shall:

  • Communicate BW LPG’s business performance and developments, including relevant financial information through:
    • press releases;
    • quarterly earnings releases;
    • annual reports;
    • annual General Meetings (AGMs);
    • investor and analyst presentations and information sessions;
    • industry seminar and events;
    • roadshows and various conferences;
    • briefings via group meetings or teleconference; and
    • BW LPG website ( and social media accounts.
  • Update stakeholders who have subscribed to BW LPG’s email subscription list (available at within 24 hours of any announcements being made on Oslo Børs (, the website, or via social media.
  • Have meetings with investors (bilateral and general) to ensure the investment community receives a balanced and complete view of BW LPG’s performance and any issues faced by the business. BW LPG places a high value on its credibility and reputation in the community. What is written or said about the company in the news media and investment community directly impacts the reputation of BW LPG, positively or negatively. BW LPG ensures timely, accurate and complete information in response to public requests (media, analysts, etc.), consistent with our obligations to maintain the confidentiality of competitive and proprietary information and to prevent selective disclosure of market-sensitive financial data.