Engagement and Training

An Engaged Workforce

Life at Sea onboard a VLGC


An Open Door Culture

At BW LPG, we have an open-door culture – colleagues are encouraged to speak up and communicate with peers and managers. We encourage communication through various ways. Regular town hall meetings are organised to share business updates and seek feedback from colleagues. Our internal communication platforms are regularly updated with the latest announcements, company updates and policies and help improve sea-shore communication. TThrough these platforms, we share best practices and good performance, raise safety and risk awareness, provide opportunities for reflective learning and offer a channel for feedback to be shared. 

A Grievance Process

We also have a grievance process which involves direct communication between the employee and their Line Manager, with involvement from the Human Resource Department. At sea, we practice a Just culture and all crew are assured of fair treatment with involvement from a designated person ashore if required. 

Biannual Senior Officers Conferences

Our biannual Senior Officers Conferences for seafarers are effective channels to gather feedback and share initiatives. Topics discussed include Zero Harm, Bribery and Corruption, procurement, technical and operations updates and upcoming changes in international standards and regulations. We commit to work in alignment with our CARE (Collaborative, Ambitious, Reliable, Enduring) values. All new employees and crew must attend training to familiarise themselves with our Purpose, Vision & Values and Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. 

Workshops and Roundtables

Workshopsand roundtables are also some ways we encourage employees to collaborate, share best practices, align cross-department initiatives, and build awareness on specific company initiatives. They are held regularly and all interested employees are welcome to participate.


The range of training programmes fall within five overarching categories: 

Upgrading and UpskillingTraining to equip employees with skills to meet changing business needs and for professional development. Training ensures a transfer of technical skills, adaptation of operational procedures, and understanding of contractual matters. Employees have a personalised development plan and are offered tailored training opportunities which may include workshops, seminars, or on-the-job shadowing.
Health and SafetyTraining to uphold stringent safety and security standards. This includes training on crisis management, with focus on preparation and response procedures.
Cyber SecurityTraining designed to raise cyber awareness by providing employees with an understanding of digital threats and skills to protect themselves and our company against the most common cyber threats.
Diversity and InclusionTraining designed to promote and reinforce shared values, encourage positive behaviours and inclusive thinking, and raise awareness of unconscious biases and how to overcome them when making business decisions
Business EthicsTraining relating to business conduct and policies within BW LPG.

We support our employees’ development through annual performance reviews and objective setting in our internal employee management platform. Trainings which are suggested to employees and have been attended are also logged into the system where Line Managers can provide guidance and feedback. All employees receive regular performance and career reviews.