Talent Attraction

A Great Place to Work

BW Tucana being delighted with Starlink that has been installed.


The first step to achieving a sustainable talent pool is to broaden our recruitment channels and close the gaps of future resource and expertise requirements. 


Scholarship program

Since 2021, we have been providing scholarships to selected female cadets studying at the Indian Maritime University (IMU). These cadets are in various stages of their four-year B.Tech (Marine Engineering) or three-year B.Sc (Nautical Science) degrees, or one-year Diploma in Nautical Science courses. The scholarships cover all academic fees so that cadets can focus more on their studies and less on financial worries. This program is arguably the first in India to cover all school fees, and guarantee onboard placements for cadets. 


Trainee Program

A two-year development program with rotations across multiple departments to gain broad-based exposure and insights into the business. Trainees will undertake different initiatives under mentorship from assigned coaches to enhance learning. 

High Potential Development Program and Succession Planning

Development of high potential employees to build a strong leadership bench, enhance our capability to deliver on future strategy, and enable accelerated career progression. The Explorer Leadership Development programme is a six-month programme empowering our leaders with a deep dive into their personal styles and equip them with skills to optimise their team’s performance and potential. 

Tertiary Education Outreach

Increasing visibility to the next generation of employees as we engage students and give them insights into life at BW LPG. Our chosen ambassadors reach out to students at career fairs across countries where we operate. 

Performance Appraisal

Employees are assessed on individual and collective performance on an ongoing basis each year where personal goals contribute to the larger company-wide targets and ambitions.