Welfare and Benefits

Caring for our Employees

BW LPG celebrates the 2023 Lunar New Year

BW LPG’s well-being initiatives extend beyond physical health. It emphasises a holistic approachtowards the cultivating of a healthy, inclusive, and productive workforce. With an emphasis that well-being must include both physical and mental health, leadership is committed to fostering a psychologically safe workplace for everyone. Furthermore, BW LPG grants employees the flexibility to balance reasonable business and personal needs, including the option to work from home. 


Commemorating International Days to Encourage Discussions

Throughout the year, significant events are commemorated with celebrations and events to encourage discussions around specific topics of interest. Year-round awareness communication and employee engagements including International Women’s Day and Mental Health Awareness Month to foster a respectful and safe working environment.  

Gamifying Health and Wellness with BW Wellness Programme

Crew can participate in monthly challenges on a gamified platform, where they can complete individual or group tasks in exchange for “trim” coins. These coins can be exchanged for gift cards or used at year-end auctions where they can bid for exciting technology products such as phones and laptops. 

High-Speed Internet Connectivity for Crew

We have installed Starlink – high-speed internet connection on board our vessels to increase ship-shore communication and ensure our crew have the means to communicate with their family at sea. We aim to empower our employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance and pursue interests outside of work for a balanced lifestyle. 

BW Tucana being delighted with Starlink that has been installed.
Crew onboard BW Tucana pointing to their recently installed Starlink equipment


Our provision of medical health benefits, life insurance, pension plans, and disability coverage go hand in hand with our focus on the well-being of our employees. All employees and crew are informed of their welfare and benefits through their employment contracts and policies. These are regularly reviewed by the human resource department, with amendments communicated through the company intranet where applicable. 

  • Paid Leave and Flexible Work Arrangements

    All employees are entitled to paid leave (including medical and parental) as per local government regulations and flexible work arrangements.

  • Health Screenings, Medical, Dental and Life Insurance

    Employees are covered for health screenings, medical, dental and life insurance (including disability and invalidity cover).

  • Retirement Provisions

    Employees and crew enjoy retirement provisions as per local government regulations.

  • Management Share Option Plan

    The Senior Management are offered company share options in our Long-Term Management Share Option Plan (LTIP) to align the interests of the senior management with those of our shareholders.

  • Team Bonding

    BW LPG organises regular events such as Family Day, Quarterly Drinks, Breakfast Together, Lunch and Learn sessions and other informal department outings.

  • Sponsored Active Lifestyle Activities

    BW LPG regularly supports participation in sporting challenges to promote an active lifestyle.

  • BW Recreation Club

    An employee-run club that regularly organises social activities for employees and their family.

  • Comfortable and Efficient Workspace

    BW LPG provides ergonomic desks and chairs in the office for all employees to minimise workplace injuries and optimise work productivity.

  • Well-Stocked Pantry

    A well-stocked pantry is provided with healthy food choices.

As part of our effort to support our female seafarers, we have introduced a Maternity Leave Policy in 2023.