Our People

Our crew and colleagues are important to us

Our crew is an important stakeholder for BW LPG
The mental and physical wellness of our crew onboard are important priorities

Open communication

At BW LPG, we have an open-door culture – colleagues are encouraged to speak up and communicate with peers and managers. There are many ways where we encourage communication – regular town hall meetings are organized to share business updates, and seek feedback from colleagues. Our intranet are regularly updated with the latest announcements, company updates and policies.

We also have a grievance process which involves direct communication between the employee and their Line Manager, with involvement from the Human Resource Department. At sea, we practice a Just culture and all crew are assured of fair treatment with involvement from a  designated person ashore if required.

BW@Work was launched to improve sea-shore communication. The enhancements made include best practice and good performance sharing, safety and risk awareness, reflective learning and feedback sharing for employees on shore and at sea. Wellness, health and safety, IT security, and LPG fueled vessel operations are common topics of discussion. The platform is effective in supporting daily operations onboard, identifying areas of improvement and for initiatives to be rolled out.

Talent management and engagement

We recognize that our success as a company relies on our employees’ skills, leadership, and competency. We invest in the professional development of employees, and encourage a culture of continuous learning through various channels such as on-the-job training or relevant courses.

Managing our talent

BW Lpg initiatives
We invest in our employee's learning and development

Training and development

Developing our staff at BW LPG
Ensuring continued professional development for our staff

Our biannual Senior Officers Conferences for seafarers are effective channels to gather feedback and share initiatives. Topics discussed include Zero Harm, bribery and corruption, procurement, technical and operations updates and upcoming changes in international standards and regulations.

We commit to work in alignment with our Vision, Mission and Values (VMV). All new employees and crew must attend training to familiarise themselves with our VMV and Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

The range of training programmes fall within five overarching categories.

Upgrading and UpskillingTraining to equip employees with skills to meet changing business needs and also for professional development. Training ensure transfer of technical skills, adaptation of operational procedures, and understanding of contractual matters. Employees have a personalised development plan and are offered tailored training opportunities which may include workshops, seminars or on-the-job shadowing. General training on matters such as effective customer service are also provided.
Health and SafetyTraining to uphold stringent safety and security standards. This includes training on crisis management, with focus on preparation and response procedures.
Cyber SecurityTraining designed to tackle human error by providing employees with an understanding of digital threats and skills to protect themselves and our company against the most common cyber threats.
Diversity and InclusionTraining designed to promote and reinforce shared values, encourage positive behaviors and inclusive thinking, and raise awareness of unconscious biases and how to overcome them when making business decisions
Business EthicsTraining relating to business conduct and policies within BW LPG.

Human rights and fair labor practices

United Nations Human Rights
Treating our staff with the professional respect they deserve

At BW LPG, we respect the rights of the people we employ and work with. We support the principles in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and adhere to fair labour practices. Our policies cover the dimensions shown below.

Non discriminationBW LPG upholds a merit-based work environment and expressly prohibits discrimination in the workplace.
Non-harassmentThe work environment and culture should be characterised by mutual trust and the absence of bullying or harassment of any kind.
Freedom of association and the right to collective bargainingBW LPG does not hinder crew / employees’ rights to form, join or not join a labour union, or other organisation of their choice and respects the right to collective bargaining in support of their mutual interests.
No forced or child laborBW LPG prohibits any form of forced or child labour, including slavery and human trafficking.
A safe and conducive workplaceBW LPG works to ensures that the workplace is a safe and conducive environment for everyone.

Work-Life balance and benefits

BW LPG has in place initiatives and programs to promote employee work-life balance, health and mental wellness. The results are shown in our annual employee pulse survey where employees expressed that they were comfortable with their current status of work-life balance.

Work Life balance and benefits for employees

Diversity in all its form is important

A light-hearted moment amongst crew
A light-hearted moment amongst crew

At BW LPG, we value diversity in all its forms and are committed to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion. Our collective sum of individual differences, knowledge and experience is not only a part of our culture, but also allows us to better understand and meet customer needs. It also allows us to create a workplace environment where employees can perform to their fullest potential, which ultimately drives better financial performance.

Year-round awareness communication and employee engagements including International Women’s Day, Mental Health Awareness Month and Anti-Harassment to foster a respectful and safe working environment. We remain committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of inclusion and diversity. Inclusion and diversity are core pillars of business growth and central to our company’s identity.

Embracing differences

At BW LPG, we embrace differences that make our employees unique. We are committed to diversity and inclusion, and we believe that the collective sum of individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, unique capabilities, and talent that our employees invest in their work represents a significant part of our culture.

A work environment built on the premise of inclusion and equality encourages and enforces:

  • Respectful communication and cooperation between all employees
  • Teamwork and employee participation with representation from different groups and varied employee perspectives
  • Employees to feel comfortable to perform to their fullest potential

Targets and metrics


Our ambition is to make a meaningful and positive impact on society. Our strategy is work with stakeholders to support projects with lasting impact on communities.


To ensure we deliver on our promises on the social pillar, we identify and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).