Shares and Dividend

General information about BW LPG shares

BW LPG is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Type of Legal EntityLimited Liability Company
Number of shares issued140,000,000
Number of shares held by Group CompaniesParent company, BW Group Limited, 48,407,126
Class of sharesSingle class shares with voting rights
Shares listed onOslo Bors;
Depository receipt arrangementNIL

Dividend policy

BW LPG provides a quarterly dividend payout. The company also aims for an annual payout ratio of 50% of our Shipping segment’s Net Profit After Tax (“Shipping NPAT”), which will be enhanced to 75% and 100% of Shipping NPAT when net leverage is below 30% and 20% respectively.

The payout will be adjusted for extraordinary items, and will also take into consideration the following:

  • BW Product Services’ performance;
  • Our capital expenditure plans; and
  • All financing requirements, financial flexibility, and anticipated cash flows of the business.

BW LPG Dividend Information


  Earnings Per Share (USD)Dividend per share (USD) Dividend per share (NOK)Share price at period end (USD)  Annualised dividend yield 
Q4 2023$1.14$0.90NOK 9.54 $14.9628%
Q3 2023$0.85$0.80NOK 8.89 $12.6325%
Q2 2023$0.59$0.81NOK 8.668 $9.9728%
Q1 2023$0.95$0.95NOK 10.328$7.5043%
2022$1.68$1.28NOK 12.834$7.8916%
2021$1.33$0.56NOK 4.82$5.7410%
2020$1.76$0.84NOK 7.494$6.8612%
2019$1.97$0.85NOK 7.807$8.4110%
2016$0.18$0.09NOK 0.738$4.202%
2015$2.43$1.46NOK 12.137$8.3018%
2014$1.87$1.91NOK 13.37$7.0527%
2013$0.92$0.15NOK 0.9$9.513%

Summary of Ex-Dates

1Q3 202317-Nov-23
2Q2 20231-Sep-23
3Q1 202326-May-23
4Q4 20223-Mar-23
5Q3 202221-Nov-22
6Q2 20221-Sep-22
7Q1 202224-May-22
8Q4 20214-Mar-22
9Q3 202119-Nov-21
10Q2 202131-Aug-21
11Q1 202126-May-21
12Q4 20204-Mar-21
13Q3 202018-Nov-20
14Q2 20201-Sep-20
15Q1 20202-Jun-20
16Q4 20194-Mar-20
17Q3 201926-Nov-19